Presenting: When Your Results Really Count!

The Covid Pandemic caused two dramatic shifts in the way business is conducted on an on-going basis. A hybrid model that combines remote work with in-person office work has become the norm as businesses find that it leads to greater productivity, employee satisfaction and work-life balance.

Extensive use of Virtual Communications is the second dramatic shift arising from the Pandemic. Video calls are now a substitute for in-person business meetings, and it may be a long time before in-person meetings happen again be it at a desk-top, in a conference room, on the platform of an auditorium or anything in-between. Presentation trainingInformal virtual communications is quickly giving way to professional quality visual communications. Today’s successful executive has to be capable of being “a broadcast professional in sheep’s clothing”.

As a result, we reshaped our training and coaching sessions to include a mixture of the new virtual skills that are appropriate to your personal needs including what you need to know about:

  • Camera type and position
  • The “Set”
  • Lighting
  • Wardrobe and Makeup
  • Movement and Sound
  • Multi-Person Meetings

These are just some of the things we handle in our revamped training and coaching sessions . . . most of which are now done virtually!

Savings With Virtual Sessions

With virtual sessions, you save on travel costs be it a car service across town or airfare and hotel costs. Just as importantly, you gain economies of time. Virtual coaching/training gives us all the flexibility to spread sessions out over a few days if that is the best use of time. No session ever has to be “stuffed” into a single day to maximize the use of a trainer’s time or yours.

As always, every virtual Executive Presentation Rehearsal Coaching session, Presentation Training/Coaching Workshop, or Media/Message Coaching session is specifically designed for one of your executives or a small group. We do not offer off-the-shelf public programs. Everything we do is custom tailored to fit your specific needs and budget.

If you are still in “work-from-home mode”, splitting staff time in the office or just plain doing business as “unusual,” we are available to help you make winning presentations for the survival of your business. That includes new business presentations, video sales calls, or media interviews. We are committed to assuring your success, just complete this contact form and we will be in touch.

Where Do the Leaders Go for Business Presentation Training?

The Newman Group is the premier provider of business presentation training, executive media coaching and crisis communication facilitation in the United States. Over the last 40 years, C-level executives, officials in public office, best-selling authors, sports and entertainment celebrities, and business people from almost every industry have benefited from The Newman Group’s personalized, dynamic, and challenging media interview and business presentation training/coaching.

When Success Really Matters, Train with the Best

The Newman Group’s executive media interview and presentation training/coaching provides both sound presentation techniques and real-time, on camera experience.

Primer on Virtual Communications
A Primer on Virtual Communications.

In a concentrated space of time, you’ll develop the skills you need to handle yourself before an audience including staying on message while managing the Q&A. After working with one of our professional coaches, intimidating interview situations will become less stressful, as you’ll become confident and better able to handle yourself with ease.

Don’t leave your success up to chance. Schedule a presentation training/coaching session with one of our coaches today. In the meantime, take a look at a primer on virtual communications.

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