Business Presentation Skills

In today’s highly competitive business world, face-to-face presentations are the most common and effective mode of communication although they have been replaced by virtual presentations. Yet, business presentation skills are traditionally ignored in most business schools. How can you ensure that you remain one step ahead of the competition as an authoritative presenter, virtual or in-person?

The Newman Group offers a virtual business presentation coaching model that will show you how to deliver your message


Business presentation coaching

quickly, effectively, and memorably. We will teach you how to talk to your audience and command attention — whether it’s an internal review or major public product launch.

Our sessions were developed based on real business needs. We start by providing and reviewing specially designed pre-coaching/training background questionnaires along with video recordings of your existing business presentations. Then we teach you, in systematized custom-built sessions, all the skills you need to excel before an audience.

Contact us and increase your effectiveness with specialized virtual business presentation training.

Improve Your Public Performance with Business Communication Training
The art of selling is really the art of communicating. In our custom-designed business presentation training courses, you will learn practical knowledge and invaluable communication skills that will yield lasting results. While our sessions are customized to meet your specific objectives, each will provide a solid foundation in public speaking and presentation.

You’ll learn how to:

Gain essential experience and skills with The Newan Group’s personalized business presentation training. Contact us to discuss individual or corporate training options virtual or in-person.

Personalized Business Presentation Coaching for Ease and Confidence