Media Crisis Training/Coaching

Communications Coaching When You’re Under Fire
How do crises play themselves out across different media? Are there distinct best practices to mitigate negative print, online, and television publicity?


With modern communications technology, it is essential to understand the strengths and dangers of exposure across the different media.

The Newman Group’s virtual crisis communications coaching will teach you to carry yourself with composure and to project assurance. img-3Through our carefully crafted and personalized crisis media training, you’ll develop the skills to:

When you find yourself in an emergency situation, you’ll want to know that you’ve had the media crisis communications training that will enable you to think clearly, manage the media, and respond with professionalism, perspective, and sensitivity towards all parties involved.

Be prepared for crisis exposure in the media. Contact us for more information on our customized crisis and media management training.

Custom Media Crisis Training Courses
Larger organizations may at times need customized and discreet small group crisis communications coaching. For sensitive organizational crisis and media coaching, please contact us.

We’ll work with you and your organization to turn negatives into positives. We’ll teach you the skills to understand and work with the media even under times of high exposure and high stress. And we’ll make sure that you feel confident to represent the best of your organization and its principals to the public.

The Newman Group appreciates the volatile nature of media exposure in crisis situations. Our media interview training and media crisis communications programs have been developed over 40 years through our work with clients from almost every industry. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a customized media and crisis coaching session at your organization.

Media Interview Training for Inflamed Situations

Media interviews at the best of times can be nerve-wracking experiences. The camera or tape starts rolling and, all of a sudden, you’re “live.” No rewinds, no control over the edits. In crisis situations, your ability to give a clear message and maintain composure on camera is even more critical. By far the best preparation for these highly charged situations is experience.

Through The Newman Group’s media interview training sessions, you’ll gain invaluable crisis media experience. You’ll practice on videotape and will acquire essential experience in the “hot seat.” You’ll field tough questions from our media trainers so that when you are with reporters, you’ll have real experience to draw from.

Through our personalized crisis and media communications coaching, you’ll learn to:

If you find yourself in a crisis situation and need immediate assistance with imaging, strategies, and delivery, contact us for media interview training. We’ll return your inquiry promptly.