Media Interview & Press Conference Training

Media Training

An appearance in the media — be it television, radio, print, or Web cast — can significantly boost your organization’s public image. Or it can do the opposite. How can you guarantee the results?

Delivering consistently positive media interviews depends more on training and experience than it does on natural talent.img-0 The Newman Group has a proven track record in media coaching. We’ve prepared corporate spokespeople and celebrities, executives and authors to handle high profile media interviews and press conferences with ease and comfort.

Our customized small group or individual sessions will train you to express yourself confidently, naturally, and effectively in a pressured media environment. We have helped even the most successful celebrities overcome debilitating stage fright, which can arise in impromptu press conferences or media interview environments.

If you have an upcoming media interview and are ready to take advantage of professional media interview and press conference training, please contact us today.

We’ll teach you to:

  • Deliver key points within broadcast time constraints.
    Don’t leave it up to the production editors to create the perfect sound bite. When you deliver your message in a media-friendly manner, you’ll be able to maintain much better control over what gets aired or quoted.
  • Express confidence and take control of interview situations.
    When you can communicate clearly and field off-topic questions, you’ll project authority and professionalism. When you understand how to control the fear of speaking on camera or before an audience, you’ll consistently be able to deliver your message succinctly and naturally.
  • Handle hostile interviewers.
    Through our personalized, on-camera media interview and press conference trainings, you’ll learn how to turn even the most combative situation to your advantage.

Gain confidence and experience with The Newman Group’s press conference and media interview training. Contact us to discuss your immediate needs.

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