Media Interview & Press Conference Training

An appearance in the media — be it television, radio, print, or Web cast — can significantly boost your organization’s public image. Or it can do the opposite. How can you guarantee the results?

Delivering consistently positive media interviews depends more on training and experience than it does on natural talent.img-3 The Newman Group has a proven track record in media coaching. We’ve prepared corporate spokespeople and celebrities, executives and authors to handle high profile media interviews and press conferences with ease and comfort.

Our customized small group or individual sessions will train you to express yourself confidently, naturally, and effectively in a pressured media environment. We have helped even the most successful celebrities overcome debilitating stage fright, which can arise in impromptu press conferences or media interview environments.

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We’ll teach you to:

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The Newman Group’s Media Interview Training Covers More than the Basics

The Newman Group’s customized interview and press conference training is designed to take as much uncertainty out of the media interview process as possible. Our professional coaches will guide you through the stages of television, radio, or print interviews. You’ll learn skills and techniques that will help you maintain your composure when you’re “on the air” or “under fire.”

You’ll learn the mechanics of message management:

You’ll learn the details of dress and decorum:

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