Presentation Skills Training/Coaching

When you speak before any audience, virtually or in-person, you want to make a lasting positive impression. But how can you ensure that you’ll consistently deliver presentations that stand out from the rest? Where do you go to learn everything from timing to humor, visual aids to body language? Who can you trust to train you to meet the most demanding presentation and media situations?

For most people, becoming an effective presenter comes only with practice. That’s why The Newman Group has developed a personalized virtual presentation training process that will give you the vital experience you need to handle all kinds of speaking situations with ease and confidence.img-3

We’ve developed our virtual one-on-one and small group presentation training over 40 years, working with clients who present in high pressure situations including initial public offering presentations, analyst and investor meetings, and witness testimony.

Schedule a session with one of our virtual presentation skills trainers before your next important virtual meeting. You’ll be amazed at how much you will improve in just one session. Contact us for more information.

You’ll learn how to:

Excel in every presentation you give. Contact us for more information on customized small group or individual virtual presentation training sessions.

Master Effective Group Presentation Skills and Experience the Difference

The Newman Group’s executive presentation skills training imparts practical knowledge for lasting results. Everything you learn in our dynamic customized individual or small group presentation training sessions, in-person or virtual, will build on your professional foundation, enhance your natural capabilities, and teach you how to handle challenging audiences.

Use Our Presentation Skills Training to Prepare For:

We’ll teach you:

Gain confidence and experience with The Newman Group’s presentation training. Contact us to discuss your immediate needs.