What Our Clients Say About Us . . .

“We’re all so delighted to have you as part of our team, and I look forward to continuing to collaborate with you.”

Director, Communications
Acorda Therapeutics, Hawthorne, NY

“Thank you for sending this summary. I have never received a detailed report like this one, and I am grateful because we can continue helping him.”

Training Specialist, Human Resources
Alliance Data Systems, Inc., Columbus, OH

“As usual, you did a wonderful job. The SMT went very well. Drs. [W. and G.] did 20 interviews. To date, the SMT has reached almost 1 million people.”

Manager, Public Relations
American Academy of Dermatology, Chicago, IL

“Your help gave me command of the set, stage and audience. It couldn’t have gone better. Often I felt like I had an invisible person whispering instructions and encouragement in my ear. I internalized your words of wisdom and felt totally in control.”

Chairman and CEO
ARAMARK, Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you so much for teaching me so much in such a short amount of time! Your energy and excitement to help make me better was so appreciated. I think you are fabulous and you definitely picked the RIGHT CAREER!”

Best Selling Hip Hop Abs DVD creator
Beach Body, Los Angeles, CA

“You have given me a renewed sense of self. I have and will continue to take your ’get over it’ advice to heart. . . . Thank you ever so much.”

President and CEO
BBDO Chicago, Chicago, IL

“In short, the FDA presentation went very well. We applied all the little and big tricks you taught us. Many thanks!”

Program Executive
Biogen Idec, Inc., Cambridge, MA

“Once again, I want to thank you for your tireless, stellar work at the partner meeting. I think it was our best thus far, and we’re glad to have you as members of the team!”

Manager, Institutional Identity
Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., New York, NY

“There are no words to thank someone who has given you tools to grow into a more successful human being. I am thrilled with our progress yesterday and, yes, I love how I look, but just as importantly, you gave me some very important things to think about at this moment in my career. . . while I know that it is your business to help people like me, you have such a gracious and beautifully positive style of critique, it just feels more personal than business-like.”

Vice President – Corporate Development
Brown-Forman Corporation, Louisville, KY

“I thoroughly enjoyed our session in New York. Thank you for making it so comfortable and useful. I welcome the opportunity, and I look forward to working with you on other occasions.”

Former President
Brown University, Providence, RI

“. . . the opportunity to work with Joyce Newman . . . was extremely rewarding and helpful. I believe that all of us on the Executive Committee felt the same way and I, personally, learned a great deal. I would encourage you and the public relations people at Bristol-Myers Squibb to continue to engage the services of The Newman Group, as they clearly know their stuff.”

Director, Department of Nephrology & Hypertension
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH

“You were very helpful both to me and my team at our Leadership Meeting. Thanks for being a part of a great success. I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Former President
Coca-Cola Fountain, Atlanta, GA

“. . . the opportunity to work with you gave me much greater confidence for the presentation. I really appreciate the help as well as your taking the time to view the fruits of your labors and then providing feedback on the ‘real thing.’ I will try to keep your helpful advice in mind in the future.”

Debevoise & Plimpton, New York, NY

“We couldn’t have done it without you! You helped us in innumerable ways. Barnabas and I had you in mind during every interview! 4 minutes, 7 minutes, 11 minutes, you name it and we can do it! And it was all because of you.
“We could see that people were worried before interviewing us, a young and an inexperienced couple; but no, not us—we saw Joyce. Many thanks.”

Authors, Children Like Me
Dorling Kindersley Publishing, New York, NY

“Whether it showed or not, most of what we discussed today stuck, and I really look forward to putting it to work in the real world next week. I sense that you tried to compress more than a half-day’s training into an afternoon, and I think you did great. I hope I take what I learned and do you proud! Unlike almost every other ’training,’ this afternoon was filled with things I can actually use!”

Product Manager
DuPont Corian®, Wilmington, DE

“Your lessons were invaluable to me . . . [and] it is even easier for me to do interviews now. Whatever depth of confidence you achieved with me has held over to real life situations as well.”

Author, Marilyn: The Last Take and Howard Hughes: The Untold Story
Dutton/Penguin USA, Los Angeles, CA

“You have given a lasting gift that represents both your accumulated wisdom and skill from working with so many physicians over the years.
“You will be pleased to know that your presentation received the highest marks from the participants. While it is probably familiar to you, it gave us such pleasure to observe the participants growing in skill and confidence with each iteration during the presentation skills workshop. Moreover, we were able to watch the faculty grow in skill and confidence as they facilitated and mentored the group process.”

Committee of Physician Leaders
EPEC (Education for Physicians on End-of-Life Care),
American Medical Association, Chicago, IL

“You always earn your keep but I feel like this year in particular you did an especially important job. You prepared us all well but you had . . . . sounding like Winston Churchill. Thank you so much.”

GoldenTree Asset Management, New York, NY

“A long overdue note to tell you how much we all appreciated the amazing day you spent with us, and your ability to fine-tune not only our media skills but all manners of our communication. I had never been able to look at, or assess, those things about myself in such a succinct way and you made it interesting and fun as well. . . . many thanks for all of your advice.”

Executive Editor
Harper’s Bazaar, New York, NY

“You would have been S-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O PROUD. The marketing team was flawless. [D. and C.] were extremely impressed. Needless to say, your name came up a lot.”

Director of Training
Hologic Corporation, Cambridge, MA

“. . . thanks for the great help, advice and encouragement. The preparation totally put me at ease.”

Editor-in Chief
House Beautiful, New York, NY

“He did a great job on the Daily Show. It was a wonderful opportunity. The book has been doing well sales wise . . . . everyone is pleased with the sales and media we’ve gotten. Again, thanks for your training. I’m not sure what we would have done without your help.”

Former Director of Public Relations
Integrity Publishers, Franklin, TN

“We/I could not have done it without you—you were great. It gave me such peace of mind knowing you were there. Both Gabby [Reece] and Mark [Consuelos] thought you were terrific, and I really felt that you added enormous authority and value!”

Vice President
Lippe Taylor Marketing Public Relations, New York, NY

“You did incredible work yesterday – thank you for bearing with us and the MSN ‘mountain’ of information. Your recap will be very, very helpful for next week’s RMT. Much appreciated.”

Senior Vice President
Maloney & Fox, LLF, New York, NY

“I want you to know that I am breathing deep, have ‘knee long’ socks and try to speak slowly and correct. You have left a long lasting impression on me—thank you so much.”

General Manager
Mandarin Oriental – New York, New York, NY

“My keynote speech in New Orleans was a big success, and I want to thank you for your help. A DMA official told me it was one of the highest rated speeches given in recent memory. In preparation I lost 15 pounds, bought a new suit and wore a red striped tie. Am I a good student or what?”

President and CEO
The Mark Group, Boca Raton, FL

“Now I know why you came so highly recommended. It’s tough to get so much into a short amount of time, but I felt I got a lot out of our session.”

General Partner
The Mayfield Fund, Menlo Park, CA

“I wish you could be here as the editors return. Yes, they are tired . . . . But, they are beaming . . . . they would never have had the savvy, the confidence, the demeanor to be able to have pulled this off without your training and total concern. I was thinking last night that in some way, each of their lives has been changed by this forever.”

Vice President, Marketing
Merriam-Webster Incorporated, Springfield, MA

“Thanks for all the terrific counseling you provided our management. We’re getting great feedback on the meeting. As usual, it was great to work with you. You elevated the speaking talent of all our presenters!”

Manager, Internal Communications
McDonald’s Corporation, Oakbrook, IL

“You are a pro!! My success is as much due to the coach.”

Former President
networkMCI Service, Washington, DC

“Thank you for yesterday’s training. Your candid comments and direction will certainly help me as I go on to do more media work for NSTAR. It isn’t easy to watch yourself like that, but I know that it provided excellent insight for me in front of the camera and on the phone.”

Director, Media Relations
NSTAR, Boston, MA

“Thanks to your very skillful coaching, I enjoyed the interviews much more than I would have done otherwise, and I had the pleasure of hearing from a whole host of unexpected people who read the resulting coverage. Thank you most sincerely for your time and patience. You managed to turn my apprehension into comfort . . . . I hope we have a chance to work together before too long.”

Former President and CEO
Oppenheimer Management Corp., New York, NY

“Once again you were wonderful. I must say, I am always amazed in how quickly you grasp the business situation, and to these execs—it makes a big difference that someone understands their business somewhat—the questions and training seem all that more relevant.”

Vice President, Communications
Oral B Laboratories, Boston, MA

“I think of your help and guidance often. I am into this ‘media thing.’ It is helping with other parts of my business. Thanks for your candid unbridled feedback. I view it as a competitive advantage.”

Senior Vice President
Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Raritan, NJ

“What an impact you made on Emerson Fittipaldi. Emerson has been interviewed by the media for over 20 years. Initially, he felt that ’he knew it all’ and that there was nothing you could say or do to help him. Did you ever surprise him!
“Emerson told me that you dramatically increased his confidence and self-image by your supportive style and positive positioning. Emerson is not your only fan! Kevin Cogan, Al Unser, Jr., Danny Sullivan, Maria Cohen, and Jose Fontanez all rave about the influence you have had on them, as well.”

Former Director, Marketing Promotions
Philip Morris U.S.A., New York, NY

“I just wanted to say thanks for your early presentation training. I know that your expertise got me on the right track, to the point where, today, 20 years later, I easily, comfortably and effectively pull off new biz presentations, and readings without breaking a sweat.”

Former Senior Vice President
Porter Novelli, New York, NY

“I signed up . . . with a good deal of skepticism. At the end of the program, I felt I could not have spent the day more profitably. You added so much to my ability to communicate effectively in a variety of speaking situations. Please accept my congratulations and my thanks.”

Proskauer Rose LLP, New York, NY

“I gave a presentation on Friday to a group of potential investors. Although I usually get very good reactions, I must tell you, Friday I received rave reviews. And it’s all because of you. I felt clearer and more direct than ever before. I also knew I got my message across without losing my audience in the medical info I gave them. You are a miracle worker. I thank you again.”

Physician Spokesperson
Private Practice, New York, NY

“. . . thank you for taking the time to help make our professionals improve their presentations, particularly during a major snowstorm . . . . there was a discernible improvement in their poise and self-confidence, so their message had more credibility and more impact.”

Assistant Director of Research
SG Cowen Securities Corporation, Boston, MA

“I have to admit this—its like telling your hair stylist you cheated. I tried another media trainer and just kicked myself from beginning to end. So, even though you were incredibly high on my list before, I have been positively belligerent in my recommendations of you lately!”

Trade Publicity Department
Simon & Schuster, New York, NY

“Thanks so much for not having us humiliate ourselves in front of 4 million people!!!!!!! You were great and thanks to you we were semi–sane.”

Best Selling Author
Simon & Schuster, New York, NY

“You should pat yourself on the back. Immediately after the interview, Norville looked at me and said, ‘That was good! You’ve done this before, haven’t you?'”

Best Selling Author
Simon & Schuster, New York, NY

“I think of you and all the tips you gave me every single time I get interviewed or speak before a crowd. You changed my life, in a good way. Thanks for that.”

Best Selling Author
St. Martin’s Press, New York, NY

“I was ‘chunking’ today! The incentive presentation went great, and the color-coded time-line helped a lot in communicating the message. Thanks for making me look good!”

Director, National Circulation Sales

“I thought I would be totally out of my league with Katie, Al, Matt and Anne, but apparently they all wanted to meet me, so it was a very comfortable atmosphere at ‘Today.’ I never really got to thank you, but I got so much out of our media training session and thank you.”

2004 & 2005 U.S. National Champion
U.S. Figure Skating Association, Colorado Springs, CO

“. . . the interview went smoothly, and our people did an excellent job. . . . Many thanks for your flexibility and humor with all of this!”

Director of Public Relations
Unilever United States, Inc., Englewood, NJ

“We got some great feedback from the conference today. [M.]’s evaluation was the highest among all conference speakers. Most people commented about his engaging, conversational style and the fact that he backed it up with great visuals and interesting stories. [Your] work paid off in a big way. [M.] is coachable and with a little more work, could be a major secret weapon in our arsenal.”

Director, Public Relations
United Parcel Service of America, Inc., Atlanta, GA

“Thanks so much for your extremely valuable assistance in preparing the speakers and presentations for our recent FDA Advisory Committee Meeting. Reviews from the stock analysts who attended the meeting included ’a very professional presentation of the data’ (Oppenheimer & Co.); ’[an] effective presentation [by] Xoma’s clinicians and clinical investigators’ (PaineWebber); ’an incredible display of professionalism’ (Nomura Research International); and ’grace under pressure’ (Shearson Lehman Brothers).”

Former Director, Corporate Communications
Xoma Corporation, Berkeley, CA